Bevar Ukraine

Bevar Ukraine is a Danish NGO founded in 2014 by Ukrainians in Denmark. It was established with the purpose of providing humanitarian and medical aid to parts of Ukraine, where aid was urgently needed due to the War in Eastern Ukraine. Bevar Ukraine is a non-political and non-profit organization with currently 900 members and 8 registered departments in different parts of Denmark. Over the past 8 years Bevar Ukraine has sent more than 100 trucks of humanitarian aid with a total weight of 1'000 tons from Denmark to Ukrainian hospitals, orphanages, schools and eldercare homes. During first 6 weeks of the 2022 war in Ukraine 60 trucks have been sent in close cooperation with partner organisations. For the time being we have established ourselves as a certified, reliable and trustworthy humanitarian organization and we have gained a lot of experience while communicating and interacting with Danish and Ukrainian stakeholders, governmental institutions, businesses, NGO’s and volunteers.

Organisationen har aktiviteter i følgende lande

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Jægersborggade 23 2th

2200 København N

Telefon: 29720767

E-mail: support@bevarukraine.dk

Web: http://www.bevarukraine.dk